Welcome to my redesigned website!

Like many of my fellow geeks and nerds, I’ve had an online presence for many years, consisting of blogs, websites and various social media accounts. However, unlike my social media presence, the websites and blogs have not been maintained very well although I kept paying my ISP for bragging rights to say “I have a website!After thinking about this for quite some time, well, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing something about this.

Realistically, I will probably not post daily but am making a promise to myself to post often. Other than working for a living, there are many other activities that I participate in daily or frequently that will appear on this site, such as:

watching movies
listening to music
hanging out with my dogs
sharing a great meal with family and friends
drinking champagne
… just to name a few.

As of today, my homepage, blog and the link to my professional work experience (aka Resume) and up and running. Over the next few days I’ll populate the photo and video pages, add additional features and clean up the overall site.

And that is all for now.